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Aircooled Technic Aircooled VW Specialist

Aircooled Technic Built Cars.

By allowing me to work on your vehicle you hereby agree to the following terms an conditions.


Payment shall be paid in full on completion of any work undertaken or the delivery of any goods. Cash or bank transfer are the only methods of payment eccepted. Travel charges may apply for collection of some goods. The current hourly rate is listed on the contact me page. The final invoice is non negotiable. Aircooled technic reserves the right to retain a vehicle or keys until payment is made in full. If a payment is not made within 60 days, Aircooled Technic can exercise its right to sell the vehicle to recover its dept. Any dispute or grievance should be forwarded in writing within 14 days of invoice. Every effort will be made to rectify problems quickly with the minimum of fuss.


I reserve the right to charge sundries on any invoice for work carried out. This can include amongst other thing, Paper towel, latex gloves, degreaser, brake cleaner, lubricants, electrical terminals, nuts & bolts.


Although every care is taken to protect your vehicle while in my care, Aircooled Technic can not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during this time. Also Aircooled Technic can not be held responsible for any breakage's during a repair. Any breakage's will be notified & repaired or replaced at the owners expense.


Although Aircooled Technic is covered by public liability insurance, It can not be held responsible for the over all condition of your vehicle. Due to the age of these cars the owner must take reasonable steps to insure the vehicle is kept up to a safe standard. All warning lights must be in operation and observed. Vehicles should be driven in a manner they were designed for. Aircooled Technic can not be held responsible for abuse or neglect. The role of Aircooled Technic is to inspect, diagnose or repair set aspects of air cooled Volkswagen vehicles as instructed by the owner. It can give no guarantees or warranty to any parts or repairs other than the manufactures warranty if applicable. Aircooled Technic can take no responsibility to any area other than that being worked on or previously worked on within 14 days.


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